Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Timorous Me

| Keith
Now me and Jodi spent a lot of our time
Just sitting in silence, driving late at night
Maybe even wondering what was on each others' mind
But I know she's like me so I let it ride
She's dwelling in the quiet space left behind
Where only peace can answer why, and you abide
The birds must fly

Did y'all hear the news? Ted Leo has a Kickstarter going for a new album! That's some terrific news right there. He's been one of my favs for many, many years now and one of the few artists I have those "I love everything they do" feels for. So, you can bet I backed it and I'm really excited for some new stuff.

RILY: Dismemberment Plan, The Hold Steady, Billy Bragg, Frank Turner, Titus Andronicus

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