Circa Survive - Lustration

| Keith
Inside the catacomb
The marbles colder than ice
Our match is damp
Lit with a separate hand
I see into your world
You make no effort to hide
The tourniquet
Candles in a salt ring will dance
You don't have to repent tonight at all

The latest single from prog/emo rock outfit Circa Survive is very evocative of the music that broke them. Anthony Green's vocal delivery is terrific, as expected, and "Lustration" feels a lot like his solo work, but it also harkens back to Circa Survive's mellower stuff like "Living Together" and it's a bit nostalgic, but at the same time, makes me excited for their new stuff.

RIYL: The Dear Hunter, Tides of Man, Minus The Bear, The Fall of Troy

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