Sin Fang - Sunbeam

| Keith
To drift and dream
When I grow up I'm going to be a sunbeam
To drift and dream
When I grow up I'm not going to be anybody

And then when I get older
I'll let you stand on my shoulder
I'll be a rock a boulder
I'll be your spirit hand holder

I usually walk to work, even in the oppressive heat of the Texas summer. I walked to work today but the heat wasn't oppressive, and the walk was pleasant. It was sunny and I think that's what got me to thinking of 'Sunbeam", a fun, silly, quirky little cut from Reykjavik's Sin Fang, AKA Sindri Már Sigrússon, founder of Seabear. Speaking of Icelandic music, Kerri and I are going to Iceland Airwaves next fall and we're excited.

And there you have it, a fun and silly write up of a fun and silly song.

RIYL: Seabear, Soley, Future Islands, Shout Out Louds

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