Wilderado - Bottoms

| Kerri
Speak up now, I know you said it before
Why don't you say it again but louder
I hate it that it takes a load from my back
That you never even needed at all

Can we meet at the bottom?
Can we call that home?
Can we both admit that we're just not fit
To be alone? 
We come here alone

Formerly calling themselves Bird Dog (two earlier EPs that have been re-released under the new name), Wilderado (Google does NOT like that spelling) are currently on tour with Judah & The Lion (whom I find ridiculously overrated), grinding it out on the road and releasing several singles over the past year, all of which I adore. Not sure what else to say about these four dudes based out of L.A. but I'm so happy that Spotify helped me discover them! Oh, and their videos are totally lo-fi throw backs, kinda fun. 

RIYL: Run River North, Pinegrove, Ha Ha Tonka, My Morning Jacket

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