Bad Cop, Bad Cop - Cheer

| Keith
Early afternoon...or maybe lunchtime?
All I know is daylight is creeping through
The covered windows behind me, neon signs fluorescent flicker:
"this Bud´s for you!"

By light of day it´s hard not to notice
Just how filthy this place can be.
The smell of bleach and cheap shots
Drowning out my ugly company.

So line ´em up, my lonely friends.
raise your glass and knock ´em down.
A little salt to sap the sting
from the last words that we spoke

So CHEERS! Here´s to hoping
I never see your face again.
This one´s to chase
The awful taste of your name from my tongue
And one more in hopes that I´ll hit the floor
And knock the thought of you from my brain.
And last, hopelessly wishing
I never met you.

It's a fine Saturday afternoon, how about some good old-fashioned pop-punk? I stumbled across Bad Cop, Bad Cop the other day while searching for some live videos of Meat Wave. You know, as you do. So, yeah, Meat Wave to hard rocking girl band? Sure. Makes sense. Anyway, it's fun stuff, just check out this video, and after that you might try some more from Live From The Rock Room. They've got some good stuff there.

RIYL: Bad Religion, Teenage Bottlerocket, Against Me, Amazombies, Tsunami Bomb

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