The Bright Light Social Hour - Infinite Cities

| Kerri

Standing without places
Rotation into phases
Neon constellations
Echoing the nameless
Cities without limit
Carpeted and endless
Quilted emigrations
Moonrise in our faces

Stay until we call it home
Stay until we call it home

Distant western gazes
Swollen hearts in vases
Fugitive embraces
Packed away in cases
Comfort is a siren
Radiant and instant
Scattered by the movement
Moonrise in our faces

Another Austin band I definitely should have known about sooner, I only started earnestly listening to BLSH recently, after missing them perform at SXSW again, and then reading up on them for TMIS! I'm sure they're practically heroes in the local music scene, having won several awards at SXSW starting in 2011, and creating a viral song/video supporting Texan pro-choice Senator, Wendy Davis (who should have become governor but I digress), and last year doing the theme song for Amazon show Sneaky Pete. Their sound is kind of hard to pin down, a little psychedelic, and progressive-to-slightly-punk, yet still sounding folksy at times. (I bet Keith is super familiar with them and cringing at my description but my ears + my experience = my words, heh.)

RIYL: The Dear Hunter, Emarosa, Run River NorthMinus the Bear

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