Neko Case - Night Still Comes

| Keith
My brain makes drugs to keep me slow,
A hilarious joke for some dead pharaoh.
But now, not even the masons know
What drug will keep night from coming.

There are so many tools that are made for my hands.
But the tide smashes all my best-laid plans to sand.
And there's always someone to say it's easy for me,
But I revenge myself all over myself.
There's nothing you can say to me.

Kerri's not the only one excited about some new tracks from The New Pornographers, and you can bet I'm jealous and sad I'll be missing them at SXSW. To console myself, I guess I'll just listen to some Neko Case. Her voice always gives me nice little shivers and makes me think of what it'd be like to be a cat getting a scratch in that perfect spot right behind the ears.

BONUS! One of my all time favorite songs, "This Tornado Loves You", performed live:


RIYL: The New Pornographers, Jenny Lewis, Rilo Kiley, Aimee Mann

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