The New Pornographers - High Ticket Attractions

| Kerri

You can imagine all the factions
That form around high ticket attractions
High on the spirit, hopped up and mystic
After the flame baptism you’re fearless

You know the science of falling
You have your calling
You know the song

The Magna Carta, it’s underwater
We left it there for the sons and the daughters
One day they’ll find it; they’ll be reminded
When we live undersea like we ought to

Didn’t know flying from falling
Clueless the poor thing
Sad to report
Didn’t know losing from learning
Wheels were turning
You know the song

Something new from Canadian supergroup The New Pornographers! With all the breaks this band takes for their solo projects, I haven't seen them all together performing live yet. Excited they'll be at SXSW coming up quick! (Sorry, Keith. One of the many things you'll miss by having to stay and work in Sydney. Thumbs down for impending separation.) Thumbs up for Whiteout Conditions, the seventh studio album from TNP, out in April.

RIYL: Neko Case, Fleetwood Mac, Broken Social Scene

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