The Wrecks - Favorite Liar

| Kerri

I remember weekends
'fore we got too cool for them
And I remember thinking
Maybe we could just pretend tonight
For just tonight

I wanna wake up with you
I wanna wake up feeling tired
I wanna wake up with you
I wanna lay there for awhile

But that don't change that you're a
Liar, a liar
Hold yourself up higher and higher
Cuz I'm not buying the things you wanna say
I've heard 'em all now anyway
You're such a liar
My favorite liar

I knew and liked this song but only caught The Wrecks at SXSW by virtue of venue location. Oh man, that was a happy accident! I was rewarded with a face full of THEY.ARE.SO.GOOD!! They happily, hoppily, confidently filled ~30 minutes with amazing stage presence and top notch original material (that's about 2/3rds unreleased). I really think they could be big. If you haven't heard the story yet, The Wrecks basically snuck into a friend-of-a-friend's recording studio (a perk of being L.A. kids) and made their little 3 song EP in like two days, then released it to the world. That was last year, and it was a great move on their part. "Favorite Liar" has all the right rockin embers to catch fire and bring them quickly to national attention.

RIYL: The Strokes, Catfish and the Bottlemen, SWMRS, Dreamers

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