Blondie - Long Time

| Kerri

I've been running circles 'round a night that never ends
I've been chasing heartache, in a city and a friend
I've been with you so long, even seen you lose it, but who cares?
Racing down The Bowery, on a crowded afternoon
Tripping from The Davenport above your insecure typhoon
Can you even want me, or is this just a way to keep you safe?

Take me, then lose me, then tell them I'm yours
Are you, happy?

Does it take you a long time?
Does it make you upset?
Does it make you think everybody wants to be your friend?
I can give you a heartbeat, I can give you a friend
I can make you think everybody wants to be your friend

Drinking with your cell phone with a smile on your face
Happy in success, but still a thousand miles away
Is this what you wanted, is this everything you had in store?

Maybe you've already heard that legendary act Blondie was back together and touring with perfect-but-you-never-imagined-it-would-happen 90s band Garbage. But, if you're me, it took you a few beats longer to realize that Blondie was also coming out with *new* music. And it's really, really good. Fitting perfectly in the current alt rock landscape while still sounding totally Blondie. "Long Time", just released a week ago, was co-written by Dev Hynes of Blood Orange and I think it's convinced me I need to make it to one of their tour dates this summer! 

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