Joy Room - Late at Night

| Keith
Ever since you've gone I've had a one track mind
Baby girl I dream about you every night
Picturing your face when I turn off the light
So I drink a little more and maybe smoke tonight
Whatever makes me hit the floor or makes me feel alright

Whew! I'm back from Oz and ready to listen to all the great music Kerri uncovered at SXSW. I had some serious FOMO whilst she was rocking the streets of Austin, for a variety of reasons, but, hey, I can't really complain either. She did a killer job of holding the fort! So what do I have to share? Not much at the moment, but what I do have is good. "Late at Night" is a straight-forward rock song from London-based rockers Joy Room. It's a jangly, fast-paced number, perfect for getting one back in the swing of things.

RIYL: The Strokes, Sundara Karma, Franz Ferdinand, Courtney Barnett

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