Electric Guest - Oh Devil

| Kerri
Oh, Devil; I know you're afraid
Sometimes it's hard to learn from all your mistakes
Oh, Devil, I'm glad that you came
Yes, I should learn how to live because you won't go away

Someone's calling for me
Something's calling for me, again

Oh, Devil, I'm back for a while
To look a doctor phone, look for your number and die
Oh, Devil, I made my own hell
And deep inside I'm sure I got it all by myself

My last night of SXSW this year was a weird one. Bounced around from place to place with my friend, biding our time until the acts we really wanted to see came on much later... but fatigue and a faulty contact lens kicked in before then. Anyway, Electric Guest ended up being the last band I saw, so it was good to go out on a high note. With some definite funk, soul, and disco references in their pop, their whole set was really fun. AND I've got a truly fun fact for you: these guys also write songs for SNL/Lonely Island! (Yes, "Dick in a Box" is one of their co-writes, ha)

RIYL: Neon IndianSTRFKR, Miike Snow