Interpol - All The Rage Back Home

| Kerri

When she went, "hey love come over"
My head abounds
Oh the feeling
And she wept "hold me again", I made no sound
Oh, the beating
And she swore love is never done
So easily
And we went over again, my head abounds
Oh, the feeling

She said you don't need time
Be tame, you won't meet your mate inside
My faith won't lie
He said you don't need mine
Behave, you wanna leave my lady lovers
Of my eighteen summers alone
She said, you don't read minds
Be patient, you won't leave me shaking
Leave me shaking

I keep falling, maybe half the time, maybe half the time
I keep falling, maybe half the time, maybe half the time
But it's all the rage back home
It's all the rage back home

Keith mentioned a week or so ago that things had gotten far too new around here, so here's the first of two Most Important Songs from me that are a couple of years old. This one's a powerfully low-key, emotive number. I realize it's a love song, but I thought to post it today because Oh My God, I am tired of politics back home. Happy to be away! Speaking of - while Paul is continuing to tour with RZA (Banks & Steelz, a TMIS last summer) supposedly Interpol is still working on a new album this year!

RIYL: The National, Editors, The Strokes, Joy Division

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