Editors - Ocean of Night

| Keith
Wasting on nothing
Effortlessly, you appear
Sound of the thunder
Reverberate in your ears
This is a slow dance
This is the chance to transform
Pause for the silence
In habit, the calm of the storm

Kerri and I are (or were, depending on when you read this) well above the Atlantic Ocean right now, on our way to Barcelona. Sailing an ocean of night. This song was the primary impetus for starting The Most Important Song. Editors are so fucking cool, have been making awesome music for years. It's been cool to see how they've changed and evolved. I've talked to many who don't know them, and some who do, but only their older stuff, which I generally prefer, but, hell, if you know me, you know that I really appreciate sustained awesomeness. And run-on sentences. So, yeah, here you go, sustained awesomeness from Editors. And at least one run-on sentence. Enjoy!

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