Gaffa Tape Sandy - Beehive

| Keith
I'm in the bathroom, waiting, for you to come and apologize to me

This morning I listened to Gaffa Tape Sandy's entire Spotify catalog, which consists of two EPs and a couple of singles, and I've been impressed. This is some fun stuff. I know hardly anything about them aside from that they make terrific and eclectic garage-punk music and, I assume based on their name, that they're British. I'm also guessing they're fantastic live, so hoping for a SXSW appearance. It was tough choosing a cut to feature, so I picked their latest, "Beehive". If you like out, here are a few other standouts for you to check out: "Transylvania", "Smart Dressed Guy" and "L'appel du Vide".

RIYL: Mt. Eddy, Sløtface, Junior Astronomers, The Thermals

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