Sløtface - Sponge State

| Keith
Got these stitches in my lip
And they’re keeping me shut tight
l put my headphones on
You see me putting up a fight
And all my encounters
Shoved in my face
Oh you can really tell it’s fall
A change of pace
From a sponge state
A new approach
Shaken it, we’re making it
I've been thinkin' about that summer
We discovered Bon Iver
It's Fresh I say, it's not his name, it's not his name

Here's a high-energy track from Norwegian pop/punk outfit Sløtface (formerly Slutface). In a press release (you can find more over at NME) they talk about the name change and their latest single "Sponge State".

“The song is a reaction to the apathy and lack of action that is symptomatic of our generation,” says Hailey Shea. She goes on: "It is about the fact that making the world a better place isn't about sharing a post or tweeting. Social media is a powerful tool for social change, but real change comes about by doing things and being an active participant." 

Yeah, fits my political mood fairly well, I'd say. The song has some clever lyrics boot and the rest of the recently released accompanying EP is more of the same.

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