Dinosaur Pile-Up - Peninsula

| Keith
Be what you want
Say what you feel
Do what you please
Take what you got
Do it whatever
Leave it behind
Do it for real
Keep it in mind
Make it a deal
Do it forever
Want you to know
I don't care what you say
Want you to know
That I'll get there someday

This doesn't seem to be a political song, and it might not be intended to be, but I'm going there. Politics have been on my mind lately. and while this isn't the place to get into it, I wanted to, I don't know, nudge my world view into the spotlight for a minute. The lyrics of this song are, as they often are, very subject to interpretation, but I generally like the "you can do it yourself, whatever you want" vibe going on here. 2008, FTW!

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