Mating Ritual - How You Gonna Stop It?

| Kerri

Pick me up in your Monday suit and tie
Grab a drink in the lobby before 9
You complain about your weight and waking up on time
You need to chill out and follow me tonight

Waking up in a place I've never been before
It smells like piss and olives
Getting drunk never used to be this difficult
I hear the graveyard calling
Stop talking 'bout your work you know you're not gonna go
Might as well kick the bucket
Yeah it sucks getting old but how you gonna stop it?

Fast-paced, tongue-twister-ing, and just right for Friday night Mating Ritual (aka Ryan Marshall Lawhon) has just convinced me to take a chance on following him, musically. This is supposedly the early released first single from his forthcoming full album. His debut EP is just as fun and dancy so I believe we're in for a treat. 

RIYL: Miike Snow, Passion Pit, Day Wave

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