Mitski - Your Best American Girl

| Kerri

If I could, I'd be your little spoon
And kiss your fingers forevermore
But, big spoon, you have so much to do
And I have nothing ahead of me
You're the sun, you've never seen the night
But you hear its song from the morning birds
Well I'm not the moon, I'm not even a star
But awake at night I'll be singing to the birds

Don't wait for me, I can't come

Your mother wouldn't approve of how my mother raised me
But I do, I think I do
And you're an all-American boy
I guess I couldn't help trying to be your best American girl

You're the one
You're all I ever wanted
I think I'll regret this

Mitski says this song was intensely personal to her; she didn't expect it to resonate with anyone. And yet it's by far her biggest hit. Mitski was raised in the Congo, Japan, Turkey, and attended college in New York -- I can imagine it would be easy to feel like you don't fit in. How lucky we are that she decided to make music.

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