YACHT - Where Does This Disco?

| Keith
Dontcha wanna make me move
When the needle's locked in the grove, yeah
I made myself a copy of you
When you told me that my dreams would come true
I'm spinning round and round for you
A lonely one
Check check
Checking on two
I'm sitting in an empty room
Pixels acting with pictures of you, you, you

I remember when "Psychic City" came out. I listened to that song over and over and over. I still get a nice little thrill when I hear it. "Aye ya ya ya!" Anyway, it's Friday night, and that means it's time to dance, and I can't think of a better cut to kick off a dance party.

BONUS! (Yep, it's "Psychic City")

RIYL: The Faint, Cut Copy, Neon Indian, Hot Chip

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