Whale Tooth - Growing Pains

| Kerri
I'm afraid that when I'm older this will all make sense
I was trained to try 'n shoulder all the weight of it
I'll remember when we were young and we found ourselves
Living reckless with abandon, felt like time stood still
Felt like time stood still

A few years back, I was hooked on a Canadian series about struggling wanna-be-stars called The L.A. Complex. The short-lived show featured Whale Tooth jamming in the background during pretty much every episode of the first season. And I liked them. They released only one album before lead Elise LeGrow went solo. Listening to it inevitably reminds me of the binge-worthy (it is available on Netflix right now) dramedy set in Los Angeles, which is where Keith and I are this weekend. Beach, bike rides, and fantasy football! Didn't pick a song terribly on the nose this time... Except that the name of the restaurant in our hotel is Baleen, a coincidence I find a bit amusing.

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