Camp Cope - Done

| Keith
It was the hardest ground that I had ever walked on
And just like everybody I kept on walking on
There was a man in the park and he was lying down
Oh, he could have been dead
Oh, he could have been dead
But just like everybody I kept on walking on
Pretend not to notice the body on the lawn
I could have gone that way I had gone
And just like everybody he could've kept on walking on
Walking on
He could have kept on walking on
And I thought to myself ‘hey there was probably something I should have done'

You might notice if you're paying close attention, that there are a preponderance of Austrailian artists showing up here. That's not at all intentional, I swear. It's got nothing to do with my semi-frequent trips to Sydney, it's just a solid coincidence. And a good one when you consider today's Most Important Song.

"Done" from Melbourne's Camp Cope blends sharp vocals & lyrics, a killer bassline, and some catchy indie guitar notes into something instantly charming. And similar in vein to other recent TMIS artists like Waxahatchee and Slingshot Dakota. You'll find more of the same on their self-titled debut. Good stuff. "Lost (Season One)" is especially rad.

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