Black Cab - Uniforms

| Kerri
All talking and no action
And we need some kind of distraction
And they’re wearing the same uniform
And accidents will happen
(will happen) 
(they will happen) 

And the boys can boys can
And the girls can girls can too
And the boys can boys can
And the girls can have it all
And the boys can boys can
And the girls can…

A few weeks ago, Keith shared this song with me and it was immediate YES. Those keyboards, that voice, isn't it hard to believe this is not another 80's throwback?? But nope, it's the latest single from (another) little-known Melbourne band, Black Cab. (Although something about their sound - or is it their name? - reminds me of the Oregonian group Small Black.) Also noticing, is it just me or are there are an inordinate number of Australian bands featured on this blog? I've got to get myself down there someday. (Wish it was right now.)

Total aside but last night I watched the most recent film from Irish writer/director John Carney, Sing Street. It's a sweet, forming-a-band, coming-of-age story set in Dublin in 1985. Anyhow, there is an original song in the movie that has a chorus similar to this one but I wouldn't have made the connection if I hadn't basically listened to the songs back-to-back. 

Anyhow, as the Olympics are going full steam in Rio right now, I thought I'd also share this Black Cab video, you'll see why (also note the album "Victorious" comes from is titled Games Of The XXI Olympiad).

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