People the Kangaroo - You Would Not Believe Me

| Kerri

Come on, tonight
We can spice things up all right
You know it might be fun
Somehow she agreed
She called her friend and that was it
We spent the night all whoring*
And whoring* again

You would not believe me
I never felt this way
(Oh yeah)
Had you been a witness
You should've seen my face

Next day I woke up
I looked around they both were gone
Right next to me I found a note
It said
Goodbye my love
I just realized I'm not into boys
Something inside me was calling
And calling again 

A Chilean, an Argentinian, and a Frenchman walk into a bar... No, it's not at the Olympics - they're the members of this band. Ironically, aside from liking the sound, I picked this song because the band name reminds me of Australia, where Keith is residing for another week, (and then I discovered they weren't from there). Anyway, the lyrics to this are either hilarious or douchey, I'm not sure what I can safely infer from their cultural hodgepodge, or how much just depends on my mood. 
*One website writes that the night was spent "hollering" - listen and decide for yourself. And, either way, have a fun weekend!