Bones & Beeker - Each Time I Die

| Keith
I was livin' in some other life
Another time I guess
Inside a different mind
A million eyes deceive
and quickly fade away
oh no
The shape I take and walk another line now

There is something haunting and familiar about this song. I can't place my finger on it, but I know I like it. Those groovy horns and funky beats would make a great backdrop to a Day of The Dead second line, or, something you might hear on the backlot of a particularly hip carnival. Bone Daddy (the skull-faced and red suit wearing bobble head on my desk) approves!

The rest of the tracks on their self-titled album is a bit different, with kind of an island meets hip-hop meets lounge feel that's quite nice; if a bit hard to define. If you like this and are interested in more, give "Lupine" a listen.

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