Greyhounds - What's On Your Mind

| Keith
I tried hard as I can, but I can't seem to understand.
Even though you know what you want, baby, you can't tell me right up front.
I try to search for the answer hidden in your secret codes.
Why do you always say yes when you really mean, no?

Let's keep the groove going, shall we? Actually, you know what? Let's kick it up (or down, depending on your idea of groovy) with "What's On Your Mind" by Greyhounds, an R&B (etc.) outfit from just down the street from where I live. That's Austin, Texas y'all.

I've not had a chance to really listen to their newest effort, "Change of Pace", but if it's anything like their previous, it'll be funky, soulful and fun; a real butt wiggler.

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