Delorentos - Secret

| Kerri
Shed some light on what you know,
Help this growing pain in my conscience, won't you
Shed a little light on, shed some light on what you know.
There's truth and lies in what you see,
But I get caught on words and stuck on apologies,
Though you're crying your eyes out
A subtle sense of beauty grows.
But I'm still trying to find out,
I'm trying to find out what you know

S.E.C. - S.E.C. - S.E.C.R.E.T.
S.E.C. - S.E.C. - S.E.C.R.E.T.
Don't tell me its a lie,
Don't tell me its not dead,
These shadows at my feet,
Of vultures overhead

Let's go back to the start again,
I'll follow through and capture your heart, and then
We'd be living a life out trouble-free with tinted rows,
But I'm still trying to find out,
Trying to find out what you know

For some reason Spotify does not have Delorentos latest album (I believe it was released in Europe on November 2nd), but I have been listening to their older albums since reminding myself of their existence a couple weeks ago when we featured other Irish bands here on TMIS. This track is definitely a favorite. The guys are performing at a sweet gig in Mexico City this weekend, along with yesterday's Most Important song (actually, many past featured artists) - they're at the Corona Capital fest. Gonna keep an eye on that one as a possible excuse to revisit that giant, interesting city again, maybe in two years. (Next fall, we already decided to check out the Iceland Airwaves festival.)

RIYL: The Wombats, Two Door Cinema Club, Karma Wears White Ties, The Academic

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