Kittens of the Internet - Golden Lights

| Kerri
We ride the bus late at night
Lonely driver's cravin' company
Talk through our fears and fight the years, growing old
(No comfort at all)
Tonight the moon is brighter than two lights
Bite the bullet, swallow bitter aftertaste
Dreaming of treasures our ancestors never foresaw at all

These golden lights
Dance me round the floor
My eyes mislead
Deceive me once more
And I discern that everything I've learned seems to
When I'm trapped by fear

It's been a little while, but TMIS is focusing down under again today on Kittens of the Internet, an indie pop duo out of Aukland, NZ. Along with the songs Mahuia makes with Katie as KOTI (their first EP came out last month), he produces music for other artists and commercial outfits, and has received awards for Best Music in Film a couple of times from the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) - I think that's like a Golden Globe or Grammy for artists from that region. Besides that just being pretty cool, I mention as it goes to show how clever they are - which I think was already evident by the name of their band, and the lyrics to this track, and how Katie enunciates. 

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