Jagwar Ma - Slipping

| Keith
Waste, oh oh
Waste, oh oh
Cause time is slipping away
Someone wait, oh oh
Save your soul
Cause time is slipping away so fast
Time is slipping aways so fast
So paint your pictures in your mind
In your mind
It's alright
We dance in circles 'til we're tired
Then we'll rise

There is something sort of "Manchester Scene-esque" about Australian duo Jagwar Ma. More refined, and with a polished, 2010's spin, but I can't help but think Stone Roses, or Inspiral Carpets when I listen to them. And I loved those bands, so you might imagine I'm really enjoying their new (sophomore) album Every Now & Then.

They've been floating around my rotation for a few months now, ever since the funky "O B 1" hit a few months ago. I was immediately recalled to the early 1990's when mixing strong dance grooves with indie rock was a new thing. Sure, you hear a lot of that now, but Jagwar Ma hits a bit closer to what I consider that original Manchester sound. You'll find more of that on Every Now & Then, but there's also great diversity there and the makings of a heavy rotated long player. 

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