Prawn - North Lynx

| Keith
I've been distracted and distant
And I'm all out of ideas
The bees keep swarming around me
The sun starts running on empty

I guess you'd call New Jersey band Prawn emo. They've got all the hallmarks of that classic 90's emo sound; weeping guitars, slow melodic progression, confessional lyrics, etc. Where they differ a bit, in a great way, is the application of complicated sonic arrangements, strings, horns and an occasional Midwestern garage aesthetic that somehow offers a bit of edge, character, and polish to their music. I loved their 2014 release Kingfisher and I'm looking forward to their new album, Run, which is out in a couple weeks.

RIYL: Buffalo Tom, Signals Midwest, Pity Sex, Saves The Day

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Miami Horror - Leila

| Kerri

I just can’t believe it, you left me here alone
When you coming back now?
Looking in the mirror for all I used to know
I just can’t believe it

Leila, why did you leave again?
Stay home
Leila, can you believe again?
Stay home

Perhaps I'm showing really poor taste, but I've had this track on my "maybe post to TMIS" list for a while and with Hurricane Irma headed to Miami now, after destroying a couple of Caribbean Islands (at least), it's definitely a horror story. This song, in contrast, is total ArtPop fun, meant to relax and enliven (sad/stressful lyrics aside), coming at us from Melbourne. Hoping that all of Florida makes it through this storm better than Texas did a week ago. And for all of us, let's keep our chins up and find a reason to smile. Miami Horror put their video budget for their latest EP into art projects instead - like murals and an art car. Watching the car drive around parts of Australia makes me smile! (Check out bonus vid below)

RIYL: Chromeo, Cut Copy, YACHT, Hot Chip

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Day Wave - Something Here (Acoustic)

| Keith
I'm laying around
My head on the ground
I feel that I'm sinking in
I'm walking around
I look at the ground
I feel like they're listening

Both Kerri and I are Jackson Phillips (aka Day Wave) fans and I've been enjoying his latest The Day We Had quite often the last few weeks. It came as a pleasant surprise when one of my favorite cuts from the album, "Something Here", was released as an acoustic version. It's a nice take, not all that different, but suited to acoustic very well.

RIYL: Sundara Karma, Lewis Del Mar, Sjowgren, High Tyde

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