Pinegrove - Rings

| Keith

Pinegrove’s new album, Skylight, quietly surfaced in my Spotify playlists last week and it’s fantastic, if a bit more alt-country than their previous work. I was curious as to why it was released to such little fanfare, and came across quite a few articles about how their front man, Evan Stephen’s Hall, had come out to admit that he’d been accused of “sexual coercion”. Now, it’s all fairly vague, and while it seems to have been handled in an appropriate manner, I did think twice (more than twice) about posting sharing their new music. To be honest, I’m still not quite sure what I think about it, but, in the end, it came down to the music, and I decided that the music was worth mentioning. If you’re at all interested in what’s been going on with the band, I highly suggest reading Reckoning With Pinegrove by Jenn Pelly.

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