Robert DeLong - Happy

| Kerri
You come here you don't need an occasion
Just an ill-advised itching for the conversation
Got a good sub going, got a good vibration
Getting mixed results from mixing strong libation

A Seattle child like us, DeLong moved on to L.A. to ply his trade and hone his sound of singer/songwriter meets electronica. His version of "experimental dance" didn't hit my ears until his third album released in 2015, and specifically the track "Don't Wait Up". For today's MIS, I mined back to his debut album. I love the echoing vocals, the slow, methodic wall of sound that crashes in on you, the almost whistling keys, the trailing piano. "Happy" is definitely a repeatable track and good for building a mood. Let's build up a happy mood for this week, shall we?

RIYL: Big Data, Joywave, Max Frost, Miike Snow

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