Frankie Cosmos - On the Lips

| Kerri

I'm sorry I'm high let's go
Sometimes I cry cause I know
I'll never have all the answers
Separated by a subway transfer

I watch you disappear
As my train rolls away
I know you could've kissed me
But I'll have to wait

Where would I kiss ya
If I could kiss ya?

Why should I kiss ya
If I could kiss ya?

Homeschooled in NYC, the daughter of actors Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates, Greta Kline was able to indulge her love of the underground rock/anti-folk scene around her, learn several instruments (including a stint as the bassist for Porches), and experiment with making and releasing her own lo-fi music (dozens of singles under various aliases). Last year she released her second studio album with backing band, as Frankie Cosmos. I love her snack-size, quirky and sweet, little melodies. She's touring Down Under right now, too! But not in the same places we are or will be. 

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