LVL UP - Hidden Driver

| Keith
She broke right through the mess he made
Shoved an apple in his face
And impaled him with a long and gnarly stake
And I give thanks for it everyday
But I still think of god in the same way:
As the moment in my dreams
When I'm fading away
And what takes my place
Is a radial gradient of cops and priests
And mounting things
Fucking everything
Making rules for a body within me

The first time I heard New York garage outfit LVL UP I was reminded of the first time I heard Built To Spill. I mean the old, kind of rough-but-awesome stuff, not the more polished (still awesome) less-old stuff. "Hidden Driver" is the kind of song, like Built To Spill's "Car" that catches you a bit unaware each time you hear it, exciting you as it worms its way in through your ears. Their latest release, Return To Love, is an intelligent, complicated fuzzy, lo-fi treat. Check it out.

RIYL: Built To Spill, Cayetana, Porches, Car Seat Headrest

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