Frenship feat. Emily Warren - Capsize

| Kerri
Your silhouette is burned in my memory
Rubble left from the moment that you left me
Oh my God, oh my God
And three words have never come easy
Cause you're more than they ever could be
Oh my God, oh my God

How could you have ever known
If I never let it show, now I just wanna know are you?

I'm fine
Drop tears in the morning
Give in to the lonely
Here it comes with no warning
I capsize, I'm first in the water
Too close to the bottom
I'm right back where I started
Said I'm fine

The Los Angeles duo Frenship released this great single in July, in front of their debut EP Truce, just out on Friday. Fun backstory: the dudes met as coworkers at Lululemon (expensive yoga/"athleisure" clothes, if somehow ya didn't know). Thanks to the internet, their after-hours musical messing around got the attention of a Norwegian pop producer. Now they're getting good press and in the middle of a huge (52 city) U.S. tour so catch 'em if you can! 

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