Islands - The Joke

| Keith
This isn't a dream, don't know why you don't care
You see your face in a photograph, you say you weren't there
You say, "I wasn't there, you see, I wasn't there!"
This is the storm and this is the warning
And this is the war and this is it forming
Still feels like no one cares, still feels like no one cares

Ok, it's Monday, but that doesn't mean we need to stop dancing. Check out this fun track off  one (of two) crowdfunded albums Montreal-born and LA-based Islands put out in 2016.

"The Joke" is off Taste, the more electronic and danceable of the two. Should I Remain Here At Sea is more along the lines of their previous work, which I'd describe as a quirky, very Canadian take on indie rock. They're both very good, very different and very worth checking out.

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