Professor Murder - Free Stress Test

| Keith
You're livin' your life and you're down for the fight
and it's wrong or it's right, and you're aware of your might
You're flyin' that kite and you're shinin' that night
Yeah you're shinin' that night, yeah you're shinin' and
you try but stop it[6x]
You try, try, try

It's the weekend and the most important thing right now is dancing. Kerri and I got it started off right last night (Sobscene FTW) but I felt like it'd be cool to keep it going. Let's go back, not too far back, to 2006 with the mysterious Professor Murder. They're a really fun and funky outfit from NYC who bring great beats, a fun attitude and a creepy name to the dancefloor.  Their album, Professor Murder Rides The Subway, is a hoot and perfect for a pre-dance-dance party.

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