St. Lucia - All Eyes on You

| Kerri
I will never take back
The words that I said then
I will always come back to you
Even in the meantime
I will always stand by
A mirror on the shelf
Call you in the nighttime
Call you in the daytime
Can't fess up to you

'Cause I hope
We will never have to take back
What we said in the night
I hope that I will always have
All eyes on you
Know that I will take what I can
When you are there standing by
Soft, spoken in the dead of night
All eyes on you

Another Brooklyn-based artist, St. Lucia (Jean-Philip Grobler) is actually far more exotic (than Jersey boys Real Estate), growing up in South Africa and arriving in NY via England. I can't wait to dance to his set at ACL in about 6 weeks, but I picked this as today's Most Important Song in homage to my kids starting at a new school today. Ugh, that feeling of all eyes on you, hoping to make friends but not wanting to make a misstep. Not really what the lyrics are about but there ya go, any excuse to play a favorite.

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