Honeyblood - Killer Bangs

| Keith
I don’t wanna have to go
Go on without you
But I have to.
When I go will there be anything
To come home, come home to?
I don’t wanna have to go,
Go go go on without you, without you.
I made this with you.

I discovered Scottish duo Honeyblood a few years back at SXSW and they've been on my radar and in my heavy rotation ever since. They've got a great sound that swings between upbeat rock and mellow melodic. When "Killer Bangs" came up the other night (off of one of my many random playlists, I've added them to a few) I thought about having to travel without Kerri and, well, I guess it's a bit cheesy, but about how we go on until it's time to come home and making something with someone special.

If you like this, you might check out their newest, "Ready For The Magic", a hard-driving pop-punk joint.

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