888 - Critical Mistakes

| Kerri
Let me rewind to the times where we never felt ill
We fill our minds with those dreams and we never miss a beat
Just pass the time staying up, feeling restless at night
Come wake me up before I die and I never get to live

I was pretty shocked to learn that 888, with it's synth-pop, slightly emo debut EP Decades, was formerly the band Drop Dead, Gorgeous - hardcore metal, including one serial killer-themed album. But hey, they formed DDG when they were still in high school and to me it's pretty rad that they did that thing until it no longer suited them and then totally switched gears, still together. Regardless, I really like this song, and the video takes on the the theme of not just moving on but fixing things and forgiving things. There is a lot that is shitty in the world that can make us angry, make us judgmental, create false us-them dichotomies, and while there definitely needs to be accountability and measured systemic changes, on an individual level humility and compassion are major keys to moving forward.

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