Band of Horses - Casual Party

| Keith
Talking television at the casual party
Here's some brand new friends to get you started off
So start it off
Since Ben got that he's a sociopath
He's only playing games don't be distracted, oh
It's all or nothing, all or nothing
So you really got something to lose
It's coming around as it did before
It's gettin' your attention but where's the door?
I can't locate it, where's it located?
I got plenty to live for

I've been enjoying the new Band of Horses tracks as they've been coming out over the last few weeks. I think my fav, so far anyway, is "Casual Party", the first single from their upcoming album. It's a bit different from their older stuff, but only a bit. This one has a nice, catchy feel to it and it reminds me a bit of Echo and The Bunnymen for some reason. Anyway, it will likely live in my heavy rotation for a while.

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