Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Mia and Mia

| Keith
Sick to death of my dependence,
Fighting food to find transcendence.
Fighting to survive.
More dead, but more alive.
Cigarettes and speed to live,
And sleeping pills to feel forgiven.
All that you contrive, 
And all that you're deprived.

I mentioned Ted Leo yesterday, and it got me thinking about him, so let's do something of his shall we? Having no idea where to start, as I'm a fan of just about everything he does, we'll go with "Me and Mia", a song that illustrates the best of what he brings to music; thoughtful and clever songwriting paired with a hard hitting yet upbeat pop rock sensibility that is unmatched in my opinion. There's a lot I more could say, but I'll let the music speak for itself. Give it a listen.

If you like this, you can pretty much pick up anything he's done and go from there, but I'd also highly suggest catching him live if you can. His shows are always entertaining and he's one of the best live acts around.

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