The Hotelier - Soft Animal

| Keith
We were cloaked in the awning of night or early morning.  
Through the headboard there’s a flicker of light  
and light warning.  
Sophie’s on the bunk overhead reading Mary Oliver  
while I lay still in my bed.  
That’s when I see you there.

When I first heard The Hotelier's "Soft Animal" (on this week's Spotify Discover Weekly playlist) I thought it might be a new song from the fantastic The Definite Articles. Sadly, it wasn't, and I'll just mysteriously leave that comment here.

Happily, it's a fun and interesting track from a band I know next to nothing about. I've given their latest album, Goodness, a few listens as well and it's more of the same; interesting, well produced and eclectic. I'm looking forward to exploring more, but for now, I'm playing it forward. Enjoy.

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