Death Cab for Cutie - Good Help (Is So Hard To Find)

| Kerri
I know it's such a dangerous place
For there are more ascensions than there is space
Angels causing accidents
The camera phones'll document
But if I start to levitate
Pull me down with all your weight

Death Cab for Cutie are extremely well known for a band that still considers itself "indie" (maybe that's the Seattle in them). Despite their ubiquity, this track is the first one that I put on a playlist and keep repeating. Weird, I know, but that fact has made me go back and find fresh appreciation for their previous releases, including tracks from Ben Gibbard's short-lived electro-pop band The Postal Service, and discovering that DCFC's video for "You Are a Tourist" made history in 2011 for being the first live, scripted, one-take short film/video.

Something to look forward to if you're going to a festival this summer is the possibility that Lauren Mayberry (of Chvrches) will join Gibbard and company on stage for a song. That happened twice last week  - Wednesday in South Carolina and again Saturday at the Firefly Festival in Delaware.

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