Our favorites: 2016

| Keith

Keith's picks

We decided to go with all cuts that were released in 2016, and most of these were featured here as Most Importants, however, I made a few adjustments with the songs themselves. For example, I swapped out AURORA's "Running With The Wolves" for "Conquerer" because I like it a bit better (the whole album is great) and Aesop Rock's "Dorks" for "Kirby" because the song is tongue twistedly terrific, and, well, I love the fun video.

Kerri's picks

Keith, being more musically ruthless, had less trouble than I did cutting his favorites down to ten. So when I realized that we definitely shared two top artists, I let myself off the hook ever so slightly and kept a top thirteen. (Next year it may just remain 20+, this was painful.) Anyway, I, too, made a couple slight changes from what was posted previously: I picked "Clearest Blue" by Chvrches instead of "Bury It" (which I'd chosen specifically for Collaboration Week), and I included "Don't Let Me Down" by Chainsmokers featuring Daya, which I posted before in our slightly less prestigious Pleasures section.