The Fame Riot - Heart Stray

| Kerri
She's running out of breath this time
I know what I want but it's bringing me down
Said, I know what you want and it's bringing me down
Said, I've got this song racing through my head
'Cause I know what you want when you know when I'm there

I heard this song when it was first released on Spotify, liked it, but was kind of sitting on it, waiting to see what else might come from this band. Oh, but these gender-bending clean-but-glam brothers (Liz and Shazam) from Tacoma, Washington don't want to be called a band. Their website and Facebook page have the same description: "The Fame Riot is not a band; it's a religion. The two brothers are at the forefront of a shift in musical style and culture, drawing influence from the last 4 decades of rock, pop, electronica, disco, and everything in-between." Well then. I'm not one for religion but I do get down to this song, and imagine their live set is tremendously entertaining. 

RIYL: Chromeo, Empire of the Sun, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga

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