The Walkmen - Heaven

| Keith
Our children will always hear
Romantic tales of distant years
Our gilded age may come and go
Our crooked dreams will always glow

A day or so ago I received an email from Spotify telling me about my listening habits in 2016. It came with an AWESOME playlist that had much of what you'd hear on our TMIS playlist (you totally subscribe to that, don't you?) Of course, we can't get to everything, and we've been focused on the new and fancy, so a few heavy rotated oldies are bound to fall through the cracks.

At the top of that list is this gem from The Walkmen, who are, sadly, on hiatus at the moment. "Heaven" is one of those new classics. It came out in 2012, but will be around for years to come. It's fresh, but also feels like a throwback to some of the best rock to come out of the 80s and 90's. Think Billy Bragg, James, The Pogues, The Replacements, etc.

RIYL: The Replacements, James, Spoon, Titus Andronicus, Nada Surf

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