Republican Hair - I Don't Care

| Kerri
I spent 18 years, baby, 18 years
Underneath an exploding sun
They say it's all going down, baby, all going down
So I might as well have fun

So turn it up, turn it up
I don't care
Burn it up, burn it up
I don't care
If the world is blowing up
I don't care
Gonna do what I want
I don't care

Get a bottle of this, get a bottle of that
Yeah I'm ready for some beer with you
'Cause if it's all going to end, baby, all going to end
We might as well break the rules

Fun, fairly mysterious band that hasn't revealed much about themselves beyond absurdist nonsense - unless you happen to catch a live gig. (Doesn't show below, but they'll play in Nashville on 11/21). For the record, I don't feel at all concerned, as these lyrics would indicate, that the world is going to end. Still, thought this band/song were a fitting tribute to this US election cycle finally being over. 

RIYL: The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, R.E.M., The Cars

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