Wild Belle - Giving Up On You

| Kerri
Playing with fire, I don't wanna burn in flames
Quitting you is so hard, but I finally got away
You's bad boy, can't be tamed
You's bad boy and you never change
I'm not a criminal, but after all that you put me through
I wouldn't mind killing you

Wild Belle, a sister-brother duo with supporting band, got their big start in Austin at SXSW several years ago, and are back right now, at both weekends of ACL, as part of the tour for their second album. If you've heard their break-out hit "Keep You" or the recent "Throw Down Your Guns" then you can quickly recognize most of their songs: Stevie Nicks-esque vocals over the top of modern keys, brassy horns, and calypso beats. So I picked "Giving Up On You" because it is driven a little harder by the guitar (and perhaps a cowbell?) than their usual, while still being delightfully them.

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