Eliot Sumner - Halfway to Hell

| Kerri
There's so much between us
At least we're not alone
We're locked into a secret
That we can never show
There must be a solution
For there was a crime
It ain't no Sunday

I made some calculations
I had to break the law
Had to become an illegal
You had to take that fall
There's always a solution
Always a way out
I'm all alone and I'm far from home

Eliot Sumner is living her complex humanity out loud, if you ask me. At 26, she's already in phase three of her music career: having had a band, and an album released, under her childhood nickname (I Blame Coco), then DJing to much success across Europe semi-anonymously (as Vaal, which I guess she still does occasionally), and now fronting a band with her given name. Oh yeah, and let's not forget her incubation period: she's one of Sting's children. If I hadn't told you, surely you'd have guessed when you listen and heard her very similar voice. And maybe especially when you watch the video, with it's dark love story akin to "Every Breath You Take." And, oh yeah, her face that looks just like Sting (given name: Gordon Sumner, a fact I never bothered to know before). 

Anyway, Eliot & company were on the big stage at ACL early on the first Friday, and I enjoyed rocking out to their set, so that's why they've got today's most important song.
Final fun fact (I am truly holding a bunch back, but just one more): she, like Keith, has no sense of smell. 

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